Doctor Faces Malpractice Suit Over Death of Patient

By Daniel Hawn

Published on September 09, 2005

In August, Linda White filed a lawsuit on behalf of the death of her son, Michael S. Goldberg, who sought care from Dr. James Howard Shegog for conditions related to anxiety and chronic pain.

According to White's lawsuit, Shegog began prescribing Goldberg large amounts of the anti-anxiety medication Xanax and the pain medications Percocet and OxyContin in August 2004.

Four months later, Shegog was found dead. According to an autopsy, he died of an overdose of the various medications that Shegog had been prescribing him.

White's suit against Shegog alleges that the doctor failed to properly monitor Goldberg's condition throughout the treatment period. It also claims that Shegog neglected to account for the potentially fatal consequences of prescribing such strong medications in large doses.

Shegog's lawyer, William F. Devine, was unavailable for comment on the case.

Earlier this year, the Virginia state medical board suspended Shegog's license for 16 months after conducting an investigation that stemmed from White's complaint.

State officials are also conducting investigations related to 30 separate complaints involving Shegog's care.

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