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Lawsuit charges Mississippi nursing home with malpractice


Shirley Summers filed the lawsuit on behalf of the death of her mother, Mary Musgrove. The lawsuit includes as defendants Neshoba County General Hospital and Nursing Home and Dr. John Mann.

In the lawsuit Summers claims her mother contracted Hepatitis B through medical equipment that wasn’t properly sterilized. Musgrove died on or around Feb. 11, 2004 from her injuries, the lawsuit states.

For several weeks after her mother's death, Summers was unaware of the injuries she had suffered, the lawsuit claims. It was not until a former worker at the nursing home provided information about the matter and media reports of similar events surfaced that Summers realized what had happened, the suit states.

In November 2003, 15 patients at the nursing facility were found to be infected with Hepatitis B.

The Mississippi Department of Health conducted an investigation and concluded that the disease was probably spread through a small device used to take blood samples. The device, intended to be used only once, was likely used multiple times, the department report stated.

When contacted, the hospital’s administrator, Lonnie Graeber, declined to comment on the matter, citing the fact that it is under litigation.