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Random School Bus Drug Search Yields Several Bags of Pot


Students at Rose Hill Middle School were told to exit their school bus around 7 a.m. and leave their backpacks behind while the Madison County Metro Narcotics K-9 Unit conducted a random search. The drug-sniffing dogs found more than five grams of marijuana stored in separate bags.

The search was conducted under a new policy authorized in March by Jackson-Madison County School Superintendent Nancy Zambito. The policy allows law enforcement to hold random drug searches on school property, including the parking lots.

The new policy was implemented in response to previous phone calls from concerned parents who said their children had seen drugs on the buses.

Rose Hill Middle School maintains a zero-tolerance drug policy. Students who are found to possess drugs on campus must be removed from the school, Zambito said.

Law enforcement officials are investigating the incident further, but have declined to comment on whether the investigation included interviewing students or bus drivers.