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John R Scura
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John R Scura

Michele and Edward White (White Holdings LLC, Native Land Company) bought my land, tricked me on escrow service with their close friend attorney Rachel Scura Lickliter (Scura Law Firm), registered my land in the county, then Rachel Scura advised Michelle White do not pay for my land: "Rachel Scura told me that this transaction has been finalized and that I owe you nothing else as per the law" Persistently demanding Rachel Scura and White Holdings to pay my money (they call it harassment and slander) I have received this from Michelle White: From: Subject: Re: PAY MY MONEY "Rachel Scura is hotter than a pistol and has the power and authority to hit your assets with some serious liens. Erase everything you put on the net about her. Then she might forgive you." These delusional bully racists think I’m an African-American drug dealer, they called N word, and harassed my family: "You are out $19,000 and you act like you lost your home. Grow the fuck up. It's over. Move on now. No need to live in the past. Our deal has been satisfied. Theres no reason for you to wake up tomorrow and harass us other than because you are friendless. Get a life pal." "You nigger going down fag boy. Look mother fucker, stop your fucking bull shit or I'm sending my team out to see you. Trust me pal. Don't fuck with me." "We may have proof that you are a drug dealer and have sold drugs outside of California's state and federal laws." "I found your kids on Facebook. They will be mad at u. Your kids told me that they don't even talk to you. You are a very disrespected person and an embarrassment to your family." "You have been paid in full fuck head. Pencil dick faggots like you are a joke. Michele."

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