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El Paso Traffic Ticket Firm - Attorney Robert Navar
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A. El Paso Write a Review 11860 Vista Del Sol #119 Robert A Navar El Paso, TX 79936 (915) 503-1600 LOCATION INFO

About El Paso Traffic Ticket Firm - Attorney Robert Navar

Warrant Lawyer for Traffic Tickets. If you think you may have an active warrant call an El Paso Traffic Ticket Attorney. You can click here El Paso Municipal Court to check for your Traffic Citation lookup. Call Traffic Ticket Lawyer El Paso Robert Navar if you find one! I help getting warrants recalled so you can renew your license or register your vehicle. The process is fast and easy. You can call my office and one of my friendly staff will be happy to assist you and look for any infractions you might have in the El Paso County area.

Don’t pay that Traffic Ticket Citation! Warns El Paso traffic ticket attorney Robert Navar. Paying that ticket basically makes it a conviction, yes traffic violations are considered criminal offenses. I know we have gotten tickets in the past and just stashed them in our glove box intending to pay it later or go to court and plead your case. Before you know it, time has passed and you forgot to pay your ticket. And never showed up to court. Unfortunately old traffic tickets dont just dissappear and this lapse of judgement can come back at bite you in the rear. There are often many hidden penalties in addition to paying the fine. And some of them can be severe. For instance, paying a ticket can often result in higher insurance premiums. You will have to pay years into the future. Also, paying a traffic ticket citation may result in the suspension of your drivers license, the loss of your driving privileges or expensive surcharges (taxes) assessed against you under the new “Texas Points System” (Driver Responsibility Program). When looking for a ticket dismissal lawyer in El Paso TX make sure to get all the facts. Some attorneys guarantee an outcome that is a red flag. Traffic Ticket Lawyers in El Paso can only promise to try to get a favorable result not an outright dismissal of the ticket.

Although you may be eligible to take a State of Texas Approved Driver Safety Course to dismiss a single moving violation, this may not be the best course of action in your particular situation. Even if you are eligible to take the defensive driving course for a traffic ticket dismissal speak with me an experienced traffic ticket today. I will give you clear options so you can make an informed decision, all consultations are free.