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Christian G Spradley

LIAR. THIEF. DISGRACE TO THE LAW PROFESSION. - Had Attorney Billy C. Coleman (Saluda, SC), his friend, the late Richard "Dick" Clark (Batesburg, SC), and their cohorts (including Attorney Kathy O. Rushton (Saluda, SC), Attorney Henrietta Gill (Leesburg, SC) and Attorney Christian G. Spradley (Saluda, SC) NOT been involved in the outright taking and then secret selling for self-profit, on March 28, 2014, of the I(E)rving family's 110 acres of Saluda, SC farmland, then the I(E)rving family, today, would be in the midst of the final preparations for what was to be their grand celebration in 2017 of their 100th year of ownership of their property which was purchased on November 28, 1917 by David and Sallie Mae (Williams) Irving of Saluda, SC. THE ARC OF THE MORAL UNIVERSE IS LONG, BUT IT BENDS TOWARDS JUSTICE.

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