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Since 1995, Einstein Industries has provided search engine marketing services to businesses throughout the country. Soon after Einstein Industries was established, we created the LawyerShop consumer directory - an online resource that connects lawyers with prospective clients. We have since expanded the LawyerShop product to help attorneys more effectively reach out to potential clients via video and text, while driving more traffic to the lawyers in our network.

Einstein Industries - Internet Marketing Experts

There are thousands of people searching online for attorney services. We want to provide those consumers with the information they are looking for, as well as a way to easily find attorneys in their areas. In order to improve the appearance and function of LawyerShop, while also increasing traffic and conversion numbers, Einstein Industries put together a team of some of the best Internet experts. These designers, consultants, writers, and developers are dedicated to creating the best possible attorney directory for our clients.

Increasing Traffic

A beautifully designed website that offers valuable information and is easy to use will not serve much of a purpose if no one visits the website. That is why Einstein Industries has a team of search engine marketing experts working to improve keyword rankings for search terms such as personal injury attorneys, wrongful death lawyers, and thousands of other high-traffic keywords. We have hundreds of pages of legal content on topics such as auto accident law, family law, criminal law, and juvenile law. By driving this targeted traffic to LawyerShop, we are able to generate prospective client leads for the attorneys in our network.

Leads and Conversion

At Einstein Industries, we understand that the number of leads you get from your marketing strategy directly affects your bottom line. That is why we have a lead generation system in place to convert the thousands of LawyerShop users into prospective client leads. These leads are qualified by area of law and geographic location; those attorneys that follow-up quickly may be able to turn these leads into clients.

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Einstein Industries is a privately held company that has executed hundreds of online marketing campaigns for attorneys throughout the United States. To learn more about the marketing products and services we offer, visit the Einstein Industries website or contact a sales rep today.